Digital Business Cards FAQs Digital Business FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital/virtual business card?

A digital business card is also known as an e-business card or a virtual business card. It is an online way of sharing contact information. This card be created on any device such as a phone or computer or tablet. Unlike, a traditional business card, these cards can be used to add as much relevant information as you can such as a profile picture, link social media profiles company details and complete contact information. There is no restriction of size and dimension and no limitation on sharing information.

How does the digital business card work?

With the business card you can create your cards on the go within seconds. It allows you to even update your information with an easy dashboard. This card can even be shared with anyone, even if they do not have the app.

How do I create a digital business card?

Creating a digital business card is quick, easy and convenient. Just download the app and start uploading the information through the dashboard. Share with your audience at the click on a button!

What are the benefits of digital business cards?

A digital business card is not only convenient but also eco-friendly, as there is no wastage of paper. 80% to 90% of paper business cards end up in the trash can. In a digital business card, you can save the expense of printing cards in volume and also reprinting in case of mistake or change in information. Thus an e-business card is much more affordable and the organization allocate the same budget for something else. Also, with the world trending towards virtual meetings, it’s impressive and smart to share a digital business card over the meets.

How to integrate my social media accounts on your business card?

In cases where it is important and relevant to sync your social media accounts you can include your profiles and direct the client to the relevant platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Zoom, Skype etc. Adding your personal or organizations social media pages to your business card can be a great way to stay engaged and linked with your audience.

How do I share my digital business card?

After creating the digital card, you can not only share the card easily but also view how many people and clicked and viewed your card. You can share the link to the card in the form of text message, email, social media post, whatsapp and also through the app. The card can be shared even to the people who have not downloaded the app.

How the digital business card can help me in reaching and converting new customers?

With the digital business card, you can outsmart the competition by getting your cards out in effective and creative ways. Sharing your business information in an electronic form will make the information accessible to the client from anywhere, anytime! You can reach more and more customers globally, even if they are physically located far away.

What if I want to make changes or update information in my business card?

You can simply edit any information and instantly update the same through our user-friendly dashboard. You can not only change the information but also dynamically change the themes of the card.

What will happen to the business cards that I have sent previously, when I update my information?

Once you make a change to your business card, it will be updated automatically with anyone who receives it as well as to those who received it in the past.